October 19th, 2014 by Mary Droessler

Please do not just drop by the farm. Please read “your visit” at so you understand the parking, the admission price, about bringing food for animals and how to schedule your visit. Please tell your friends that you tell about Winterpast Farm to read this too! So many people get to the gate without an appointment, without any idea there is an admission charge, without animal food…please help Farmer Mary by telling friends to read the website!!! Thank You.

OPEN Monday October 20 10-5

CLOSED Tuesday October 21 ( will be at New Hope Baptist in the morning)

OPEN Wednesday October 22 10-5

CLOSED Thursday October 23 (will be at Maracas Montessori that morning)

OPEN Friday October 24 10-4 (Birthday here later in the day)

OPEN Saturday October 25 9-12 (Birthday at the farm later)

CLOSED Sunday October 26 for away Birthday

OPEN Monday October 27 10-5

CLOSED Tuesday October 28

OPEN Wednesday October 29 10-5

CLOSED Thursday October 30

OPEN Friday October 31 10-4 (at free fall Festival /petting zoo event at Celebration Church on Capital Blvd from 6:30-8:30-come see us!)

OPEN Saturday November 1 10-5

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October 6th, 2014 by Mary Droessler

Tuesday Oct 7 CLOSED

Wednesday Oct 8 CLOSED

Thursday Oct 9 OPEN 10-5

Friday Oct 10 OPEN 10-6

Saturday Oct 11 OPEN 10-6

Sunday Oct 12 OPEN 10-1 before a private away Birthday Party

Monday Oct 13 OPEN 10-5

Tuesday Oct 14 CLOSED

Wednesday Oct 15 CLOSED for away events

Thursday Oct 16 OPEN 10-5

Friday Oct 17 OPEN 1-6 (after a school field trip to the farm)

Saturday Oct 18 CLOSED. Farmer Mary and PETUNIA the pig and other animals will be at NOFO@ThePig in Five Points in Raleigh from 10-12. Free outdoor event. Come visit! Then Farmer Mary has a private Birthday Party at the farm.

Sunday Oct 19 OPEN 1-6

Monday Oct 20 OPEN 10-5

Thank You for supporting a small local farm family.
PLEASE read “your visit” at before scheduling your farm visit.

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October 3rd, 2014 by Mary Droessler

LUCKY, who has lived at Winterpast Farm since before it was a petting zoo, died of old age last night. He was much loved.

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August 17th, 2014 by Mary Droessler

Winterpast Farm will join 27 other farms the weekend of September 20/21 for the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association’s 9th annual Eastern Triangle Farm Tour. Farmer Mary will donate two days of the farm and visitors will pay per carload to the Stewardship Association to
visit as many of the farms as they like. Winterpast may have 500 visitors each day! Last year we were very busy both days of the tour!

Lots of volunteers will be helping prepare the farm and will be on site to help with the large number of visitors expected those days. Farmer Mary always appreciates good volunteers. If you have some free time before the tour or the day(s) of the tour and want to help, please let her know.

Saturday, Sept 20 from 1-5 and Sunday, Sept 21from 1-5 are the tour days/hours.
See the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association website for more info





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August 15th, 2014 by Mary Droessler

These will be a very Special “TURTLE DAY” at Winterpast Farm petting zoo in Wake Forest on Saturday, August 16 from 10-2!!

Farmer Mary’s friend, Michelle from THE TRAVELING TORTOISE will bring some of her sweetest and most unusual turtles and tortoises for you to meet. One visitor will be TANK, a Sulcata who will eventually weigh 250 pounds! The Traveling Tortoise provides in-school educational events, Birthday parties and more with a huge variety of unique reptiles. Read more about the hands-on science fun at their website:

Normal farm admission of $10 per person applies and the other farm animals will be available as usual for petting, feeding and holding. Please park close together this day! Please read “your visit” at before scheduling your farm visit. Farm opens Saturday at 9am and closes at 3pm. Turtles will ONLY be at the farm from 10-2 on this day ONLY.

Please share this with friends including teacher friends :)


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August 11th, 2014 by Mary Droessler

Friends and family enjoyed time together outdoors today celebrating a 5th Birthday. The rain held off and the cloudy cool day was perfect for a farm visit! Guests enjoyed meeting PETUNIA the new pig, holding CUPCAKE, the official birthday bunny, walking six week old baby goats LILY and ROSE, on a leash and more.
The donut game was great fun. DORIS the goose thinks we didn’t see her sneak a donut that was hanging extra low!
Read more about birthdays at on the birthday page

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August 9th, 2014 by Mary Droessler

People often ask when the farm is open. The hours vary every week and are always posted at and at the Winterpast Farm FB page. If there is a delay in posting it is because Farmer Farmer Mary is waiting to find out when she can be open..perhaps a Mom planning a Birthday asked her to hold two dates briefly, maybe she is watching the weather so she can try to be open on sunny days, perhaps the carpool for marching band practice isn’t set for the week… Farmer Mary has four teens. (That means teen transport to and from soccer, church, marching band…)
NOTE: Hours are posted, but after checking them you should read “your visit” at the website (so you understand the admission price, parking, what foods to bring to feed the animals) and then you should text Farmer Mary and ask if you/your group can come at that date/time. 919-244-1800. Don’t just drop by please.
If you want to visit or plan an event feel free to ask about dates in the future or dates not listed as open. Some CLOSED dates mean Farmer Mary is taking her children somewhere or taking her animals to preschools, churches, away birthdays and other events. Occasionally a CLOSED day just means she is home at the farm cleaning out bunny cages!

Monday (8/11) CLOSED
Tuesday (8/12) CLOSED
Wed (8/13) 10-2(changed from 6pm)
Thursday (8/14) CLOSED
Friday (8/15) 10-6
Saturday (8/16) 9-3 (Special Turtle Visitors 10-2) Private Birthday party at 4
Sunday (8/17) 1-6
Monday (8/18) 10-6
Tuesday (8/19) CLOSED
Wed (8/20) 9-6
Thursday (8/21) CLOSED
Friday (8/22) 10-6
Saturday (8/23) 9-3 Check back may have a morning Birthday party in addition to Birthday party at 4
Sunday (8/24) 1-6

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August 9th, 2014 by Mary Droessler

Did you know you can rent a pet from Winterpast Farm? For $35 you get the animal, cage, feed and everything you need for a week. Farmer Mary mostly rents guinea pigs and bunnies. She has also rented baby goat on a bottle to a girls slumber birthday party, a variety of farm animals to a country style event, a piglet to a family who was considering buying a pig (that family learned alot, had fun, and did not buy a pig pet!) She has rented a goat to be jokingly exchanged for a bride at a wedding, a baby goat, ducklings, chicks, a hen…just ask! Families and individuals rent for a wide variety of reasons:

Considering adding a furry friend to your household? Rent first and try it out instead of buying!

Dad out of town on a business trip? Miss him a bit less with a new furry friend to take care of.

Grandkids coming for a weekend or for a holiday? Rent a nice bunny and be their very favorite Grandparent!!

Stepkids coming for a stay? Rent a pet to help ease the transition.

Homeschool family studying animals…check with Farmer Mary and rent something interesting to watch develop!

TEMPORARY CLASSROOM PET option works like this. You rent a pet and then ask your child’s classroom teacher if s/he would like a temporary classroom pet; it might be one day, two..or all week. Meanwhile the child is “king of the classroom”, the parents who provided the animal are considered great, and the entire class enjoys a temporary furry or feathered friend. And, the family probably learns they don’t need to buy a pet..why buy when you can take it back to Winterpast Farm and, later on, rent something else?

This rental all helps pay to feed and house all the many many former pets who now live at Winterpast Farm. Large families may want to rent a pair of bunnies or guinea pigs. This is only $20 more (price has recently gone up from $10 for an additional animal) and only when available. Shorter term rental (for a photo shoot or event at your home, for example) is still $35.

Even if you don’t rent a pet, pass on the news to friends and let’s help recycle existing pets instead of creating more!

When you rent a bunny (or guinea pig) you get:
1. a bunny (sometimes you get to pick from a few;sometimes Farmer Mary picks. If you pick please be aware you will only spend a few moments doing this. A bunny pick up (or drop off) is NOT a farm tour. A farm tour can be arranged at that time, but is a separate event with $10 per person admission.)
2. A “bunny bag” which holds food, hay, water and food bowls, newspaper for bedding (some choose to go directly to a pet store to buy their own shredded bedding-feel free), and sometimes a book about the animal so your child can read more. Sometimes a folding pet pen goes along (Farmer Mary loves when these are donated!) so your child and bunny can safely spend some time outdoors together.



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August 8th, 2014 by Mary Droessler

FROG DAY at Winterpast farm today from 10-2 was a huge success… and the rain held off until just now!

TURTLE DAY is coming next…mark your calendars for Saturday! August 16. Please help spread the word.

TURTLE DAY at Winterpast Farm NEXT Saturday (August 16) from 10-2!!! Very special, unique, exotic, friendly turtles will be visiting Winterpast Farm from locally owned business, THE TRAVELING TORTOISE, that day from 10-2.
Farm open 9-6. Normal $10 per person admission charge and all other usual animal viewing, feeding, holding will be available. Please read “your visit” at before you schedule your farm visit.
Please help spread the word to friends, teachers, home school families, scouts and others.
Turtles will only be at the farm from 10-2 on August 16. Cross your fingers for nice weather that day!
Read more about THE TRAVELING TORTOISE’s educational programs, birthday parties and more at their website:


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August 8th, 2014 by Mary Droessler

Sat (8/9) Open 9-6 FROG DAY!!!10-2 only with special visiting frogs from The Traveling Tortoise
Sun (8/10) Open 2:30-6
Please read “your visit” at before scheduling your farm visit.
Thank You for supporting a small local farm family

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